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Cheryl &amp; Hugh, Dorset

It has been all go this year for us, with three tours with Crossings.

We have enjoyed all three, meeting like minded motor homers and getting to know the tour leaders.

We particular enjoyed our trip to Lake Garda. We had been looking forward to it and felt that it more than lived up to our expectations.

Staying for a few days a the southern end of the lake followed by a few at the top worked perfectly for us. It enabled us to  effectively have two different mini holidays, with the ability to visit a variety of destinations including Verona, which we both enjoyed.

An unexpected pleasure for me was our short stay in the mountains in France. The train ride up to see the glacier on Mont Blanc was good fun and we enjoyed dinner in the village afterwards. The mountain views from the camp site were spectacular and I am sure we will go back there sometime in the future.

We enjoyed the drive down to Italy and back even though it meant quite long driving days for those, like us, who only have one driver in our team.

We would like to thank Gary and Eleanor for once again looking after us all so well. They experienced a few challenges when they arrived at some of the sites, which they had all sorted out by the time the rest of us started to arrive. Knowing that everything will be sorted out on our arrival is one of the things that we particularly enjoy about travelling with Crossings.

Crossings tours are perfect for us as there is no pressure to do anything, if you prefer not to, but on this tour, as on previous tours, everyone enjoyed spending time with the group and we had very enjoyable days and evenings together. Eleanor’s haggis went down very well, as did the impromptu quiz designed by one of the group.

Cheryl &amp; Hugh, Dorset


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