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April Newsletter

Happy Easter and welcome to the April edition of the newsletter. Now that Spring is in the air and the temperature is a heady 6 degrees celsius ( -2 predicted tonight), we are starting to think about 2022.

We haven't finished thinking about 2021 yet, but we usually announce next year's schedule at this time of year - and this year in no different. More on 2021 and 2022 below.

Also springing up are a few dates for your diary in terms of motorhome shows. Both Warners and the NEC have announced various dates for their indoor and outdoor exhibition programme. We will be doing a bit of both this year subject to possible cancellations. More details below.

A few of you noticed that there was no recipe in last month's edition. This was a test to make sure you were reading and to reward you, the recipe feature returns with another great recipe from Dave.

So take care all of you, get jabbed as soon as you can and we look forward to seeing you on the road later this year (we hope). Best wishes: Bob (and Wendy), Dave and Sue, Colin and Sue, Gary and Eleanor, Ian and Linda.


2021 Latest

Our initial optimism for the first half of the year has faded a little with the worsening situation in mainland Europe. We await a further announcement from the UK government on 12th April when the situation should become clearer.

We would remind you all of of COVID guarantee, which will remain in place for the rest of this year and for 2022 as well. Full details on the website here.

For those tours that do get cancelled we are adding some extra ones on in September and October 2021 so please keep an eye on the newsletter for more details. What we put on later in the year will depend to a large extent on what we have to cancel.


2022 Schedule

We are pleased to announce the previews for the 2022 tours. You have received a link to a PDF with your email reminder with details of the 2022 Schedule. We have not put them on the website yet as we like to let you (our newsletter readers) get first sight and therefore first chance to book. If you having any difficulty accessing the PDF please email us.

At the moment we have confirmed seven tours and anticipate adding to the schedule as the year progresses. We do not normally add extra tours in after we have announced our schedules, but in light of Covid, we are now being much more flexible. Additional tours will be added in 2022 once we know which tours we are able to run this year.

Regulars will know that we have always allowed transfers between tours (subject to availability) and will continue to do so. Therefore, if you see a tour you like, we would encourage you to book it now. If something else comes up later that you prefer, you have the option of transferring onto it.

Bookings are now open with priority being given to those of you who have had your tour cancelled. After that it is first-come first-served as usual before we put them up on the website in May.

We have received lots of enquiries about 2022 and there certainly seems to be a lot of pent-up wanderlust out there! This is shared by us and our fellow tour leaders who are really chomping at the bit to get back out on the road.


Motorhome Shows

Last year we managed to get to three motorhome shows - the only three that actually took place in the country. This year we are confirmed for Norfolk and the big one at the NEC in October.

The dates for your diary are:

  • The Norfolk Motorhome Show - Norfolk Showground, 6th - 8th August 2021

  • The Motorhome and Caravan Show - NEC, 12th - 17th October 2021

We were also booked for the new Edinburgh Show in July and were looking forward to coming up to Scotland for our first ever show north of the border. We know that many of our regulars hail from Scotland and are always pleased to see a sasanach. Regular customers will know that Wendy is in fact half Scottish, though I am not sure which half.


Coq au Van

It's back! Due to popular demand, here is this month's recipe from Dave.

Smoked Salmon Pasta


350g Asparagus.

300g of dried Tagloerini or Angel-Hair Pasta,

250g of Hot Smoked Salmon, skin off.

1 Lemon.

100ml half - fat Creme fraiche.

Cooking Method:

Use a speed-peeler to strip the top tender half of the asparagus stalks into ribbons.

Finely slice the remaining stalks, discarding the woody ends.

Cook the Pasta in a pan of boiling salted water according to packet instructions, then drain, reserving a mug full of cooking water. Meanwhile, roughly break the salmon into a large non-stick frying pan on a Med-High heat.

Add the sliced Asparagus stalks, and toss occasionally until the Pasta is ready.

Finely grate half the Lemon zest into the Salmon pan, squeeze in half the juice, then toss in the drained pasta, a good splash of reserved cooking water and the Creme Fraiche. Add the Asparagus ribbons, toss again, then season to perfection with Sea and Black Pepper.

Serve with Lemon wedges, squeezed over the plate. Enjoy.


Motorhoming tips

If you need any documentation in order to travel this year then get it now.

In particular we know that the passport office are anticipating an influx of applications as soon as it is announced that we can travel again. So if yours needs changing then apply in good time. In order to travel in mainland Europe, your passport must be less than 10 years old and have at least six months left on it.

You should also ask your motorhome insurance company about obtaining a green card for European travel. It is advised that you do this at least a month before you plan on travelling. Incidentally, we have just renewed our motorhome insurance and received a green card free of charge with our insurance documents.


Keep in touch

Please feel free to contact us at any time. When we are away, calls will bounce to our mobiles at no expense to yourself.


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