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We now have hundreds of customer reviews - far more than any other business or club that offer escorted motorhome tours! Below is the full archive. Click here to see the latest reviews. Many thanks to everyone who was kind enough to send in a review and allow us to publish it.

Martin & Ann, West Yorkshire

"We would not hesitate to recommend Crossings tours to anyone".

From our perspective there were many positives and no real drawbacks that were within your control.


We liked the mix of site locations, and that non transit sites enabled you to have a full day the day after arrival at the local town/attraction. This is how we tour so suited us well.


As far as the sites themselves were concerned, we found them well chosen and well located. The site at Potsdam, despite the acorns and sand, was a great way to kick the real holiday off. 


The fact we had a mix of towns and then coast worked well, because after a time the towns seem to blur into one and it was a nice change to be somewhere different.

So overall, the site choice and locations were well judged, to have only one place we weren’t really keen on (mielno) out of a months tour is amazing.


We very much enjoyed the relaxed pace/non enforced “you will enjoy yourself” elements, much more relaxing than the more regimented tours we have done in the past. 


We also found the mix and type of people on the tour really good. We aren’t “party people” and have on other tours and rallies...very refreshing to have a non-booze centred approach to enjoyment.


It is hard to come up with anything we would be critical of that is within your power to improve. 


Overall, we had a fabulous time, and would not hesitate to recommend Crossings tours to anyone.

Chris & Marie, Somerset

"We look forward to travelling with Crossings next year"!

This was our second tour this year with Crossings. Yet again another well organised, very enjoyable trip! We enjoyed receiving the comprehensive tour pack with all the information and helpful hints provided.

Eleanor and Gary are friendly, enthusiastic and supportive tour leaders, who are always on hand for support if and when needed.

The group mixed well, enjoying the two organised group meals and other impromptu get-togethers.


As expected there was a lot of driving but the stopovers were at manageable distances – we especially enjoyed the two nights at Mont Blanc, which allowed us to take the train up the mountain.

Having four nights at the south of Lake Garda before moving to the North for a further four nights meant we were able to explore both areas.

We look forward to travelling with Crossings next year!

Jenny, East Sussex

"My Poland tour is right up there with one of my top holiday experiences".

I just want to thank you both for organising such a fantastic trip. I get a lot of stick for being a younger motorhomer from people who don't "get it". I endued a fair few jokes for joining an organised tour from them, (others were also telling me what a fantastic idea it was) and I was apprehensive, especially being a solo traveller but it was the best decision ever. My Poland tour is right up there with one of my top holiday experiences and I'm so glad I did it with Crossings. I've met a fantastic group of like minded people, who were all so kind and welcoming. 


Thank-you for everything.

Melvyn & Heather, Gloucestershire

"Gary and Eleanor were exceptional as tour guides".

Heather and I both enjoyed the Italian Tour. This was contrary to our original misgivings as we always travel alone and "do our own thing".


Our travelling companions were all very friendly and good company. Our last evening together was a bitter sweet affair and proved that we had transformed from a group of individuals to a team. The laughter and animated conversation about shared experiences was infectious.

Gary and Eleanor were exceptional as tour guides. They were very friendly and approachable and very informative about each day's itinerary and places of interest locally.  

Finally, we would not hesitate to recommend your company and the tours you offer.

Cheryl & Hugh, Dorset

"Crossings tours are perfect for us as there is no pressure to do anything".

It has been all go this year for us, with three tours with Crossings.

We have enjoyed all three, meeting like minded motor homers and getting to know the tour leaders.

We particular enjoyed our trip to Lake Garda. We had been looking forward to it and felt that it more than lived up to our expectations.

Staying for a few days a the southern end of the lake followed by a few at the top worked perfectly for us. It enabled us to  effectively have two different mini holidays, with the ability to visit a variety of destinations including Verona, which we both enjoyed.

An unexpected pleasure for me was our short stay in the mountains in France. The train ride up to see the glacier on Mont Blanc was good fun and we enjoyed dinner in the village afterwards. The mountain views from the camp site were spectacular and I am sure we will go back there sometime in the future.

We enjoyed the drive down to Italy and back even though it meant quite long driving days for those, like us, who only have one driver in our team.

We would like to thank Gary and Eleanor for once again looking after us all so well. They experienced a few challenges when they arrived at some of the sites, which they had all sorted out by the time the rest of us started to arrive. Knowing that everything will be sorted out on our arrival is one of the things that we particularly enjoy about travelling with Crossings.

Crossings tours are perfect for us as there is no pressure to do anything, if you prefer not to, but on this tour, as on previous tours, everyone enjoyed spending time with the group and we had very enjoyable days and evenings together. Eleanor’s haggis went down very well, as did the impromptu quiz designed by one of the group.

Rachael & Bob, Bedfordshire

"Thank you Bob and Wendy and all our fellow travellers, it was fabulous".

Poland – so much to see, so much variety.  Cities, National Parks, Countryside or Beaches, easily accessible from the campsites by public transport, cycling or walking during the tour.  When you arrive home and look through all the photos you’ve taken, you fully appreciate how brilliant and wonderfully organised the Poland Tour is. 


Warsaw and Krakow are possibly the best known cities, but you also stay in smaller towns and, though each tends to have a ‘market square’ with cafes/bars, they all have their own individual character - invariably a church tower or castle for you to climb up for a fantastic view of your surroundings.  Eventually you reach Gdansk and the Baltic Sea coast, a walk on the sand and a paddle in the Baltic Sea – lovely, though chilly.

There are lots of places to visit, either en route or from the campsites, and a little research before you travel, (including Bob and Wendy’s suggestions in the itinerary) could add an individual touch to your holiday.

Thank you Bob and Wendy and all our fellow travellers, it was fabulous.

Dave & Di, Oxfordshire

"We also enjoyed the company of the other members of the group".

First thing to say is that we both very much enjoyed the trip and your company and were appreciative of your support, both prior to and during the trip, with our lack of a fridge. 

We also enjoyed the company of the other members of the group, there was a real camaraderie and no-one that was forever complaining (apart from us of course) which made for a great and relaxing trip. 

Clare & Mario, Lancashire

"We would highly recommend Crossing Motorhome Tours"! 

We had a fantastic holiday in Poland with Crossing Motorhome Tours. The whole trip was exceptionally well organised with lots of information, guidance & advice.The group was small enough to be able to interact together although there was absolutely no pressure if you felt that you needed some time alone.


Valuable holiday time was saved with site information/pitches being fully organised as & when you arrived at each campsite. The balance between assistance & interference was perfect with any issues or problems immediately resolved & rectified by the highly qualified & experienced tour hosts.


We have absolutely no hesitation & would highly recommend Crossing Motorhome Tours! 


Thank you & we are looking forward to our next adventure with you.

Jan, Dorset

"Helped me to do the things I love doing".

For me my overall experience was very good a...What helped for me was knowing that I had the back up of you as tour leaders if I needed it but the fact that you “hover” in the background helped me to do the things I love doing and that is travelling in my camper exploring Europe.

Alec & Sue, Yorkshire

"Hard to say how you could improve it".

For a first tour its hard to say how it you could improve it. Any tour of Poland has to include all the major cities of Warsaw, Gdańsk and Krakow so it was a pleasant surprise to us that the tour included Poznan, Bolkow & Torun.

Martin & Ann, Yorkshire

"We would not hesitate to recommend Crossings tours to anyone".

Overall, we had a fabulous time, and would not hesitate to recommend Crossings tours to anyone. We are looking  forward to release of the 2021 tour dates and itinerary so we can book up with you again. I don’t think there can be higher praise than this!

John & Jen, Staffordshire

"Another great tour experienced with Crossings Motorhome Tours".

Another great tour experienced with Crossings Motorhome Tours, if anybody hasn’t experienced Eastern Europe yet then do it now before popularity rises, tunning cities, lovely people, great value for money (ie only a £1 a litre for petrol ) and as always good company!!

Andrew & Sue, Yorkshire

"Already looking forward to our trip with you next year"! 

The tour was well organised and the briefings from the tour leaders at each site were very helpful. We had no trouble finding the sites using the co-ordinates in the tour guide. The route overview maps were also reassuring for checking against the satnav route. We particularly enjoyed Lake Bled and the Croatian Coast where the locations of the sites were excellent. Overall we were very happy with the tour and will continue to recommend Crossings to others. We are already looking forward to our trip with you next year! 

Sue, North Yorkshire

"I had a fantastic trip".

Well I had a fantastic trip and in no small measure due to the help and attention of the leaders, Sue and Colin.  It made everything so easy and I felt they went over and above what I expected as they often suggested extra things which increased the enjoyment.  I particularly enjoyed the Spa Evening that Sue organised.  I think the fact that I have already booked for next year shows how impressed I was with your company.

Sue & Frank, NE Lincs

"Sue and Colin were excellent".

Overall we were please with our trip, Sue and Colin were excellent and looked after us very well.

Graham & Mary, Hampshire

"It was well organised".

We are home safely from a lovely trip. It was well organised and good sites and no problem with route information. Sue kept us well informed with the daily procedures.

Phil & Ruth, Devon

"Sites were all good, all the facilities we needed".

We enjoyed the tour very much. The tour pack was very comprehensive and gave all the information we needed.

Colin and Sue were good leaders with a knowledge of the tour and we thought that they did a great job. Sites were all good, all the facilities we needed.

Thank you for organising it all so well.

Jeff & June, Warwickshire

"Everything from start to finish went well".

For June and myself, venturing abroad in a motorhome for the first time, this was a wonderful and stress free way of driving down to Lake Garda and having the opportunity of travelling through France, Italy, Austria, and Germany.  Everything from start to finish went well and the weather, especially during our stay at the south and north of Lake Garda, was really good ( I’m not sure how you managed to arrange that!!). All of the campsites were top notch, with excellent facilities, and the routes provide in your guide book were very good.

Gwyn & Debbie, Clwyd

"Eleanor and Gary were excellent Tour Leaders".

The trip was well organised. The information pack we found invaluable explaining routes and alternatives along each stage but also for those little details we and others were not aware of (vignettes etc)


Eleanor and Gary were excellent Tour Leaders, always attentive making sure we were all comfortable with each stage of the trip and Eleanor’s laugh is contagious!! You could hear her coming from a distance

We met some lovely people and had some great experiences along the way, including a very special overnight hotel stay in Venice.


The two group meals were a terrific way of getting together. However, we all seemed to get along so well that Eleanor & Gary arranged a further group ‘Haggis Night’ and we also arranged two further evenings together, a cheese & wine buffet evening and a drinks evening at the bar in Guignicourt on our final night. Great company and full attendance.

David & Roma, Norfolk

"An enjoyable adventure".

The trip was an enjoyable adventure and enabled us to visit Karlskrona and Lykceaborg on route to Kalmar.

Colin & Jane, Hampshire

"A memorable tour of Scandinavia".

Thank you for escorting us on a memorable tour of Scandinavia accompanied by a wonderful group of motorhomers.

Mark & Muriel, Warwickshire

"Thanks very much for a memorable holiday".

We really enjoyed our trip with you & would like to thank you for your advice & help during the holiday. We cannot think of anything that we think needs changing...thanks very much for a memorable holiday.

David & Kath, West Yorkshire

"Colin and Sue were brilliant leaders".

We now have finally, safely, landed back in Yorkshire after our journey. We both thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it was great and look forward to Tuscany next year. Colin and Sue were brilliant leaders and couldn't do enough to ensure the trip went well.

Barry & Jackie, Berkshire

"Very slickly organised".

The tour was very slickly organised, and Colin and Sue were great leaders; nothing was too much trouble for them.

John & Heather, Cumbria

"Colin and Sue looked after us well and explained everything to us".

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip our first motor home trip on the continent.Colin and Sue looked after us well and explained everything to us.We met some nice people and will keep in touch with some.Hope to travel with you again in the future.

Richard & Ruth, Norfolk

"Overall a very enjoyable trip with a lovely group of people".

Just returned home after our extended stay in France after the Pyrenees trip. The tour went very well, the campsites were all very good and and the group meals were adequate.


The tour leaders Sue and Colin did a very good job of organizing our arrival at the sites and gave a clear briefing of the next days events.


The choice of city destinations was good, places we have not dared to visit before on our own. Daily mileage was about right as far as we were concerned (until air con stopped working, recharged by friendly garage near Foix).


Overall a very enjoyable trip with a lovely group of people. Looking forward to the next trip.

Joyce & Raymond, Aberdeenshire

"Colin and Sue were very thoughtful and thoroughly knowledgeable".

Our third trip with Crossingsmotorhomes tours was eagerly anticipated as usual. 

If you have been with Crossings before it always exciting to receive the Tour Pack. Firstly, you look and see who is going to be touring with you as you might know someone from a previous tour. Then you look to see where exactly you are going and for how long. Then you decide if you are going to any of the suggested places en route from one campsite to the next. 

The recce done by the tour leaders is invaluable to the group and makes all the difference to the trip. Colin and Sue were very thoughtful and thoroughly knowledgeable about every place that we went to and it was a pleasure to be in their company. 

Thank you again for a wonderful holiday. 

Alan & Kath, Surrey

"We made some very good friends during the tour".

Kathy and I really enjoyed this 24 day tour. The routing was excellent.  We saw so much and experienced a great variety of lovely scenery and interesting events as well.  


Colin and Sue did an excellent job of providing us with lots of extra information, maps and leaflets for each location. 


We made some very good friends during the tour - that we are sure we will see again.

Steve & Lorraine, Wiltshire

"We’ve already booked up for a tour next year". 

We’ve just returned from our second tour with Crossings. Our first tour was last September when we travelled through France onto Lake Garda and Austria. We really enjoyed it and signed up for more “punishment” this year down to Provence and the Ardeche. Despite some very warm weather we had a fantastic time and really enjoyed meeting the other travellers. 
Bob and Wendy, the owners of Crossings, are very professional with the way they put the tours together but the tours are very friendly and relaxed. The information packs are very detailed and they are always on hand to give advice if you need it. 
We’ve already booked up for a tour next year. 
Like the other reviews they deserve all the success they have.

Eric & Sue, Cheshire

"It was a fabulous trip made even better by a brilliant group of people".

It was a fabulous trip made even better by a brilliant group of people. We would love to go back now it’s a bit less hot and do it all over again. We both thought the balance between travelling and lengths of stay on sites was good.We would  not hesitate to go back to any of the campsites as they were all very good and different to each other so giving us a taste of the variety of location and facilities available in France.

Neil & Lorna, Cheshire

"We will definitely do another tour".

I have to say we both enjoyed the tour very much; it was well organised, the company was fabulous and the areas of France visited were lovely...We will definitely do another tour would highly recommend you to anyone looking to either take their MH to Europe for the first time or looking for a well organised tour with great company. Thanks again for all your help and good luck for the rest of the season.

Pete & Jennie, Oxfordshire

"An amazing and entertaining trip".

Thank you Bob and Wendy for a brilliant tour to Provence and the Ardeche, an area we have both been wanting to explore for a while. All the campsites were great with good amenities and nice pitches. The couple's really mixed well and we all did lots of things as a group which really made the holiday special. All the travel information given is pretty much foolproof, so easy to follow with lots of extra info given to make the most of the trip. The weather was a little hotter than we might have wished for, but a large group of us sitting in a mountain river to cool off will be a lasting memory. As will the morning canoeing with most of the group taking part or being official photographer. An amazing and entertaining trip and we are so happy to be travelling with Crossings next year for our third trip. 

Clare & Peter, North Yorskhire

"We enjoyed the French expereince".

We both thoroughly enjoyed the Provence & Ardeche trip. We liked all the campsites & especially having plenty of space & privacy! We enjoyed the French experience : freshly baked bread on the campsite , fresh fruit & veg  & the local beers , wines & fruit juices. Just a shame it was so very hot! It was a very friendly group  & you were both very helpful at all times. A very well organised holiday.

Pete & Kate, Staffordshire

"It was a thoroughly enjoyable holiday".

This was our first time taking our motorhome abroad and we are glad that we chose Crossings Motorhome Tours for our first overseas adventure on their Provence / Ardeche Tour.


We liked that they gave help and advice when requested but also allowed for independence if wanted. It was a thoroughly enjoyable holiday with our travelling companions. Happy memories.

Luc & Val, Surrey

"Thank both of you for the personal attention and care".

The tour took us through some fabulous landscapes, which exceeded our expectations and we were happy with all of the campsites - some of which were excellent and had the essential pools to cool down...Finally we would like to thank both of you for the personal attention and care that you provide to all on the tour, which makes your tours that little bit more special. 

Terry & Sue, Glamorgan

"We would definitely recommend your tours to anyone".

We would definitely recommend your tours to anyone, who like us wanted the reassurance of being with a group on their first trip to Europe and also to anyone who only had a limited time or just preferred someone else to sort out their routes and overnight stays.

Anne & Andy, Lincolnshire

"The scenery in the Austrian Tirol is amazing".

We must say how friendly the campsites were and how helpful they were, we even got free transport tickets .The funiculars, trams, buses, trolley buses were all free with our tickets anywhere in Bern and surrounding area. Group meals were nice, the meal at Bruck restaurant was particularly good with great service too.

And lastly the scenery in the Austrian Tirol is amazing there is a lot of travelling on the tour but it is totally worth it, we are now thinking we need to go back when the snow is there so we can compare,(maybe not in the MH though)!

Graham & Jenn, Derbyshire

"Friendly and supportive".

We have been on 3 tours now with Crossings and on each trip we have found the groups to be friendly and supportive, the information and guidance provided by Bob & Wendy and the leaders is very thorough and this all helps to make a very enjoyable holiday.

Lin & Paul, North Yorkshire

"We thouroughly enjoyed the tour".

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour, relaxed in good company and spent some interesting days visiting new places.

Carole & Brendan, West Midlands

"We found all the sites and facilities arrangements excellent".

We had a thoroughly great time on the tour and met a really good group of people. Everyone mucked in and helped when needed and got on really well...What was very helpful was the en route information - that was brilliant. We found all the sites and facilities arrangements excellent as was the ferry. 

Clint & Jane, Oxfordshire

"We enjoyed both the itinerary and the style in which it was run".

The trip went extremely well and we enjoyed both the itinerary and the style in which the tour was run.  In fact it all went so well we have decided to commit to Motorhome touring further by upgrading our unit.  I would expect that we will be signing up for one of your 2020 tours, just not sure which yet.  Gary and Eleanor were great getting the balance between support and freedom to do as we please, so my compliments to them. All in all can’t fault the tour and we made some good friends that we will definitely be keeping in touch with.

Morag & Bob, Angus

"I was amazed by how well the group bonded".

We had a wonderful time from the first night right through to the very last night. We laughed, drank wine, exchanged stories and I believe have made very good friendships.  I was amazed at how well everyone in the group bonded and supported each other and I do mean the whole group. 


Eleanor and Gary’s skills at creating the right balance of support and guidance together with knowing just when to step back and encourage independent travelling were fantastic.  I acknowledge they had a very strong group of professional and confident people to contend with but they did this with ease and competence.

Chris & Marie, Somerset

"Enthusiastic tour leaders".

We had a wonderful trip. Gary and Eleanor were friendly, enthusiastic tour leaders, making sure we were happy with information every day.

We enjoyed the scenery and locations visited. We had the company of a fabulous group that got on so well together making a really enjoyable trip.

Looking forward to our next tour!

Hugh & Cheryl, Dorset

"An excellent tour".

An excellent tour of the Dordogne, with equally excellent tour leaders in Gary & Eleanor.

Richard, Shropshire

"Campsites are great locations".

The tour is going well and Eleanor and Gary are lovely people to be with. Very helpful on site and with daily planning  of the route and places to visit.


The weather is a bit cool but staying dry most of the time with some rain. Campsites are great locations to the towns and for eating out..Nice group to be with.

Jenny & Bruce, Cambridgeshire

"All the worry and stress was taken away".

We had a fabulous time thank you so much. So glad we took the leap of faith and ventured abroad for the first time. We really weren't sure what to expect however it all exceeded our expectation.


Thanks to your planning and the excellent guidance and friendship received from Eleanor and Gary we had a whale of a time and will certainly be looking to book again. Also we realise we where extremely lucky in the wonderful group of fellow travellers who we were on tour with. 


For us all the worry and stress was taken away and even though we might have gone of course a few times we always managed to find our way to the next stopover.

Alistair & Jane, Gloucestershire

"The tour did everything that I wanted".

The tour did everything that I wanted, ie to remind me of France and all the good points, food etc.I am sure that others found it just as helpful.

Gary and Eleanor are great nothing seams to worry them on the surface, we were well looked after and informed of all that was going on.

The two meals I thought were a great success for everyone to exchange views of the areas ,sites and the tour. I hope that there might be a reunion of this group as we got on so well.

Having travelled a lot in France for work it was pleasant to be back on the open road.

Thank you once again and we look forward to coming with you again.

Fran & Neil, Cornwall

"Gary and Eleanor were great tour leaders".

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the trip to the Dordogne. Had a fabulous time and Gary and Eleanor were great tour leaders. They could not have done anything more to make this such a good trip. They put so much effort into making sure we all knew what was going on. They are also great fun, and I think that made the group get on really well.


Just one thing, please can they have brighter polo shirts? We all felt the ones they have don't reflect their lovely bright personalities and sort of fade into the background in a crowd. Hope you don't mind me saying.


Thanks very much for the brilliant travel pack and all the organisation before we went, absolutely excellent. All the ideas for places to visit were really helpful and the information made us feel confident about heading off on our own. We will certainly be recommending you to others and hopefully  will travel with you again. 

Derek & Suzanne, North Yorkshire

"We have gone from nervous novices to experienced explorers (almost!)".

Crossings must be doing something right as this was our fourth adventure.   We’ve said this before but stopping for a chat with Bob and Wendy at the NEC in 2014 changed our motor homing lives and gave us a taste for tours across the Channel.  We have gone from nervous novices to experienced explorers (almost!).   A city tour would not be our first choice for a holiday but the Budapest, Prague and Vienna trip turned out to be so much more than that.  We certainly saw some stunning sights. 


Bob & Wendy and their team have all aspects covered: booking ferries and sites; suggesting routes and places to visit; and providing friendly support and advice for the novice and for the more experienced motor homer.  You can join in or you can do your own thing: it’s up to you.  You will be guaranteed to make new friends and wonderful memories.  We’ve already booked our place on one of next year’s tours!

Derek & Jill, Swansea

"Will tour with them again - well recommended".

Just got back from the Budapest, Prague & Vienna Tour. This was our 5th time with Crossings, Bob & Wendy were their usual selves, supportive where needed but not constantly in your face.

Tour was very enjoyable with  good campsites and easy access to the Cities. Will tour with them again, well recommended.

Jan & Peter, Essex

"Our fellow travellers were good fun".

This is second tour we have been on with Crossings and this was as good as first one.  We enjoyed seeing all the sights that we were taken too. It was great that our pitch was ready and waiting whatever time we turned up at. 

Our fellow travellers were good fun  and we caught up with everyone’s adventures when we met up later.  

As usual our tour leaders were brilliant and even managed to sort out few problems we had with motorhome.  Thank you so much bob and Wendy.  Looking forward to seeing you on our next tour.  

Pepi & Mark, Lincolnshire

"Thanks for a wonderful trip".

Thanks for a wonderful trip visiting three great, beautiful cities.  It always is great travelling in a group - strangers at first, then firm friends by the end of our trip.


There were the long drives, but at least its through beautiful countryside with wonderful scenery.


Time spent in each city was excellent. Was lovely visiting my dads family in Budapest and Lake Balaton and exploring different towns. Overall, the trip was well planned and organised and have already booked our next trip with Crossings. Thank you  Bob & Wendy.

Ken & Jean, Guernsey

"Looking forward to our next trip with them".

Recently returned from a fantastic tour including Prague & Budapest, our fifth tour with Crossings, & already looking forward to our next trip with them as they make touring new & familiar destinations so easy.

John & Jen, Staffordshire

"Roll on the next tour".

Another great tour with excellent company , good mix of rural and urban campsites on what was technically a City tour , we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves so roll on the next tour...

Grant & Maureen, Northamptonshire

"We are looking forward to travelling again with you next year".

We especially liked the tour guide, lack of group meetings and the ability to access public transport from the chosen sites and were delighted to travel free in Hungary and Czhecia...We are looking forward to travelling with you again next year.

Steve & Diane, Suffolk

"A great trip pitched at the right level"

We really enjoyed the tour and Sue and Colin stepped up to the plate to make the trip a true success. They were always available to help if needed and pitched their support at the right level for what we were looking for. They are a real credit to Crossings. 

The starter tour offered us exactly what we were looking for, from taking our motor home abroad for the first time to understanding what city sites can offer. We quickly learned to trust that each site would be of a good standard, close to local shop/s and have good transport links for exploring. Great as a taster while leaving more to explore for a return visit.

In summary, a great trip pitched at the right level with lots to see and explore whilst getting the most of touring with a motor home.

Stuart & Geraldine, Monmouthshire

"We learned a lot from the experience."

We've just got back from our extended trip and as you can probably tell from the fact that we stayed an extra three days, we loved it! We learned at lot from the experience and the support we received from Sue and Colin, and other group members was very much appreciated.


As far as the campsites we stayed at were concerned, as expected they were all different and as we're not seasoned motorhome travellers abroad we have nothing to compare them with. The important factor for us was that they were all conveniently placed for public transport to lovely towns and cities. As far as we are concerned (apart from the weather and road closures near campsites - which Crossings can't be held responsible for!!) everything was well planned and well organised. 

Martin & Rosemary, Warwickshire

"Colin and Sue did a great job"

"We did very much enjoy the tour and feel that it has given us confidence going forward to cross the Channel with our Motorhome! Which fulfilled our objective! 


We felt that Colin and Sue did a great job".

Geoff & Wendy, Fife

"We really enjoyed the tour"

"We really enjoyed the tour. It was good to have all the sites and ferries arranged for us.


Sue and Colin were excellent tour leaders and good company. They did a great job especially as it was their first time on this tour".

Janet, Surrey

"If anyone is anxious about being a solo traveller, don't let that stop you".

Throughout the trip the leaders (and the group) were so so supportive and congratulatory when I successfully accomplished a journey. It made a big difference to my confidence. I can't thank them enough for debunking my terror,  and opening up a whole new world of travel after so many years.


Colin and Sue quietly made sure I knew where and how to travel. Having them a phone call away was invaluable to my feeling safe no matter what. I learned such a lot from them.

Any improvements to the tour itinerary that I would have suggested have  already been incorporated into the 2020 trip. Well done!

To anyone else who is sure they can't drive in Europe and is too terrified to try......if I can do it then anyone can. If anyone is anxious about being a solo traveller, don't let that stop you. All you need is a best mate (a European sat nav!) and Crossings leaders to guide you through.

Thanks Crossings for opening up my travel....I shall be back!

Alan & Betty, Warwickshire

"An air of confidence and unflappability"

We would like to thank Colin and Sue for stepping in at short notice to lead this tour  and being so helpful and knowledgeable.


They gave an air of confidence and unflappability which was much appreciated.  Colin’s use of Google maps to guide us to our Champagne tour in Reims was particularly impressive.

Hugh & Cheryl, Dorset

"Extremely well led"

The Tour went very well, and we enjoyed it very much. It was extremely well led by Colin and Sue and they went to great lengths to help all the group, answering many questions daily throughout the tour.


For us, we felt that the time spent at the various stops was just right and again, Colin and Sue supplied lots of information at each stop on local transport options etc.


The sites you had chosen had very good transport links, which gave all the opportunity to visit other nearby cities and sights.

Karen & Jack, Oswestry

"Recommended for motorhome newbies"

The following letter appeared in Motorhome Monthly Magazine:

"We would like to recommend that fellow motorhomers looking to take a trip abroad should contact Crossings Motorhome Tours. It is superb, good value for money, very well organised and great for newbies venturing abroad. We went last summer, made some lovely new friends and have booked again for this summer.

It's a wonderful way of getting confident travelling in Europe and meeting like-minded people".


The following letter appeared in Practical Motorhome Magazine:

"I would like to make a recommendation to readers after we took an organised tour to mainland Europe. If anyone else is thinking of doing this, we can really recommend Crossings Motorhome Tours. We went to Europe with them last summer and had the most wonderful time. Everything was organised for us including ferry, sites, days out, meals with the group - nothing was left to chance. Wendy and Bob Reeves are the most friendly, professional team you could meet.

We had an amazing holiday and we are going with them again in June. If any newbies are nervous of travelling to Europe, like we were, this is definitely the way to do it"

Joy & Dennis, Dorset

"Wonderful month-long tour of Sweden"

The following letter appeared in Practical Motorhome Magazine and Motorhome Monthly Magazine:


"If you are considering joining an escorted motorhome holiday, we can unreservedly commend to you the services of Crossings Motorhome Tours. We've just returned from a wonderful month-long tour of Sweden with the young company run by Bob and Wendy Reeves.


They are very experienced motorcaravanners who have fairly recently spent three years travelling 30,000 miles through 30 countries in Continental Europe. Bob and Wendy travel with each group, which is intentionally kept small (only eight to 10 motorhomes).


They are friendly and professional and they provide their service with efficiency, reassurance, fun and good humour. With this, they still give you the flexibility and freedom to 'do your own thing'. The only thing they can't organise for you is the weather! This is our 12th escorted motorhome tour in the past nine years. They have all been very enjoyable but Wendy and Bob's caring leadership is second to none".

Paul & Sue, Cornwall

"No need to follow the brolly brigade"!

"This was our third happy tour with Crossings. Croatia and Slovenia did not disappoint with stunning scenery, clean bathing beaches and world heritage spectacle. Bob & Wendy were assisted by the very competent Colin & Sue for this tour. Many of the other group members were repeat bookings so several friendly faces together with first timers , a great bunch of people to share our experiences with. Perhaps the most important point is that the Crossings flexible approach allows you to be an individual who can select your preference from the options available. No need to follow the “brolly gang “!

Jan & Fred, Essex

"I would highly recommend Crossings".

"Our first trip Croatia and Slovenia.


I would highly recommend crossings tours having had a tour last year with another company crossings was first class.


Wendy and Bob always came to see what you were doing everyday and also suggested things to do.  As leaving one site going onto another they would always suggest places to visit on the way. Like the Black Forest were we stopped to get a loverly piece of Black Forest gateau best we have had. He he


We had a fantastic time it was a wow every different place we went to.  We went to some amazing places like lake bled where we went to the gorge and the castle beautiful. 


The campsites were very well picked we had beach and city and even sites with beautiful mountain views. The organised trips were very good and fun.


A very well organised company would highly recommend". 

Garry & Shirley, Oxford

"This was our third trip with Crossings...they must be doing something right".

My 7 reasons for travelling with Crossings:
1) Very informative travel pack 
2) A great  free campsite near Dover so you can get to know your fellow travellers the night before your adventure begins. 
3) Knowledgeable guides 
4) A welcome meal
5) Pre booked Campsites 
6)  Flexible open ferry tickets 
7) A well run professional company   

This was our third trip with Crossings and another booked for next year. They must be doing some thing right. Many thanks to Bob,Wendy Colin and Sue for making our tour so memorable".

Paul, Jenny & Craig, Essex

"Dave and Sue supported us brilliantly".

"Although we have been touring in our motorhome(s) for a number of years now, we had not ventured into Europe and we were keen to do so.  However, driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, through multiple countries with a large vehicle seemed a bit daunting – especially if you listen to the horror stories about driving on the continent with the over-zealous police and highwayman hiding behind every corner!  We wanted reassurance that support would be available if we needed it and that we could travel as part of a group.  And so we opted for the Crossings tour desperately hoping this would be successful and that we would be inspired to travel further afield in the future.


The support offered by you, both leading up to and during the tour, was marvellous. We didn’t appreciate how helpful the travel folder was going to be until we started using it!  Lots of really helpful stuff that helped with the pre-planning and enroute navigation/touring.  As good as this guide was, our tour leads Dave and Sue supported us brilliantly. What a great job they did of briefing everyone about the next day’s journey, routes to take, places to visit and top tips about the camp sites. No question was too silly (and they must have heard a few) and they were always at hand to offer advice…without forcing it on you! 


The tour to and from Lake Garda was excellent and allowed us to take in the sites in each country we travelled though.  Our 2-day stop near Mont Blanc ticked all the boxes – excellent site, beautiful scenery and the opportunity to take-in the local attractions. The journey through Italy to Lake Garda was ‘interesting’ thanks to the driving skills of our Italian friends around Milan, but the journey was worth it. The 5-night stop at Lake Garda was the perfect place to relax and visit (using our bikes) the outlying villages/towns. We also travelled by train to Venice and had our fill of pizza in the local restaurants.


We were looking forward to our visit to Austria and Germany and we were not disappointed thanks to the incredible scenery.  Such a shame we had so little time in each country but we had to remind ourselves that this was an Italian Lakes tour and not Bavarian! Still, we managed to visit Seefeld in Austria and Dachau and Triberg in the Black Forest – all incredible places in their own way"!

John & Jen, Staffordshire

"Great lakes, lovely countryside, wonderful beaches".

A fabulous tour travelling through five countries all with fabulous scenery. Great lakes, lovely countryside, wonderful beaches. Campsite all prominent for sightseeing. Great company and friends made. Bob, Wendy, Colin and Sue all attentive to detail and everyone's needs overall".

Belinda & David, Bristol

"A truly wonderul experience".

"With another tour completed with Crossings, which didn't disappoint we have once again had an amazing time.  There has been breath taking scenery, beautiful cities and different cultures, foods, wines and beers to sample.  We take away some great memories of our visit to Slovenia and Croatia.  To sum it up its been a truly wonderful experience and we can't wait for next year and another tour with this company".

Colin & Val, Herefordshire

"The group meals were really enjoyable".

We enjoyed the tour...we thought the caves trip was awesome (they were definitely 
not polystyrene). The group meals were really enjoyable and meeting everyone was great".

Alison & Derek, Tyne and Wear

"Wonderful places".

"We are looking forward to our trip next year our only gripe is the boxes [Go Box for Austria] needed what a pain but never mind the wonderful places you find to take us make it all worthwhile. Good luck for 2019 and hope the show goes well".

Stephen & Lorraine, Wiltshire

"Dave and Sue were great team leaders".

"This was our first trip with an organised tour and we’re very happy with the way it went. Dave and Sue were great team leaders. They gave really helpful thoughts each stage and were always chatty. All the best and congratulations on building a company that has so many great comments". 

Paul, Jenny & Craig, Essex

"Lots of really helpful stuff that helped with the pre-planning and en route navigation/touring".

"The support offered by you, both leading up to and during the tour, was marvellous. We didn’t appreciate how helpful the travel folder was going to be until we started using it!  Lots of really helpful stuff that helped with the pre-planning and en route navigation/touring.  As good as this guide was, our tour leads Dave and Sue supported us brilliantly. What a great job they did of briefing everyone about the next day’s journey, routes to take, places to visit and top tips about the camp sites. No question was too silly (and they must have heard a few) and they were always at hand to offer advice…without forcing it on you"! 

David & Helen, Yorkshire

"Careful planning of the route".

“Once again, careful planning of the route and the selection of sites shone through.  Thank you.”

Jennie & Pete, Oxfordshire

"Thank you for a great holiday".

"Just a short message to let you know what a great trip the Italian Lakes and Cities tour was. We had a wonderful time, met some great people and visited some wonderful places. Thank you for a great holiday".

Melvyn & Irene, Yorkshire

"We look forward to seeing you again".

"The holiday brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed it, the only downside if any, not long

 enough...the views on Mont Blanc breathtaking, as was the trip on the train to Venice.


 We look forward to seeing you again, hopefully on one of your trips 2020 onwards".

Mike & Hilary, Bristol

"The trip was well organised and run".

"We had a fab time, all went well made some new friends.


Our team leaders Dave and Sue were absolutely amazing,  Dave full of all the info and knowledge we needed, Sue was delightful with plenty of banter.


The weather was superb and our boating trip in Garda was something else!! (Best speak to Dave or Sue for the details) we had a laugh and got VERY wet.


The trip was well organised and run, our only thoughts were that we would have liked more time in Austria, Strasbourg and maybe split the stay in Garda to visit the top of the lake for a short stay, but please note this was our view".

Brian & Amanda, Chester

"The whole holiday was faultless".

"The whole holiday was faultless, the campsites were excellent, the road book informative, our tour guides Dave and Sue were brilliant even the weather was perfect, and we had a great time.

We would have no hesitation to book with Crossings tours in the future".

Graham & Mary, Hampshire

"Dave and Sue were on hand at all times".

"We had a fab time, good group where we all got on with each other. Dave and Sue were on hand at all times and making sure we all arrived at the designated point each evening.

The info prior to the trip was very helpful. Looking forward to our Croatian tour with yourselves next year".

David & Roma, Norfolk

"Both os us really enjoyed our trip to Lake Garda".

"Both of us really enjoyed our trip to Lake Garda. The site at Peschiera was well located and the ease of getting to Venice by train was very easy. Also taking the boat from the harbour was very straightforward. A suggestion would be to add another site on Lake Garda and extend the  whole trip by 2 or 3 days would also be a good thing. I think you already have this idea for next years trip. Dave and Sue were excellent guides and we were very pleased with all the information and help that they gave".

Bob & Sandy, Essex

"Two tours taking in ten countries takes good planning and faultless organisation".

"Two tours taking in ten countries takes good planning and faultless organisation. All done with a smile: 

We have just completed two Crossings tours back to back. The Summer in Scandinavia and Slovenia and Croatia tours for 2018.  These were contrasting tours taking in the impressive man made super structures of the Great Belt and Oresund bridges to natural wonders including the stunning Postojna Caves, Lake Bled and the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site Plitvice Lakes. These were highlights on two jam packed crossings tours.  From Scandinavian cities and Viking museums to the majestic mountains and crystal clear rivers and lakes of Slovenia. These were our 2nd and 3rd crossings tours. Can't wait to start our fourth next year".

Ken & Jean, Guernsey

"Already looking forward to next year's tour"

"Many Happy Returns!


Having recently returned from our fourth tour with Crossings, a fantastic trip to southern Sweden and Norway that included two full days each in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo, we have already booked for our fifth tour.


In our opinion, Crossings achieve the optimum balance of varied itineraries, informative documentation and exactly the right level of tour guide interaction and assistance to help participants maximise the enjoyment of their holiday without limiting their options.


Already looking forward to next year’s tour.”

David & Barbara, Lincolnshire

"We had a wonderful time... so we're with you again next year... twice"!

"Thanks to YOU for all your hard work planning and arranging our tour, then looking after us all so well. We had a wonderful time... so we're with you again next year... twice"!

Pete & Janice, Kent

"We came home feeling like we had made lots of friends".

"Never having done tour before we didn’t know what to expect but we need not have worried our tour leaders Bob and Wendy were on hand to point us in the right direction. 


Everything was taken care of and when our sat nav failed Bob came up with spare part. 


They had excellent local knowledge, we didn’t have to think about anything except what new place to explore   We had lovely fellow motorhomers and came home feeling like we had made lots of friend. Especially Bob and Wendy. Lovely lovely people and we booked for another tour next year".

Colin & Jean, Lancashire

"We will certainly recommend your tours".

"We really enjoyed your tour and think you got the trip just right. Thank you for looking after us in a polite and professional way. We will certainly recommend your tours. Hopefully will join you again in the future". 

Alec & Sue, Yorkshire

"We very much enjoyed the mix and diversity of the sites on the tour".

"Having never done anything like this before and being relatively new to motorhoming we joined the tour with some nervousness. However with your help and support our apprehension was soon put to rest.

One of our favourite sites was the Oslo-fjord site. However we were shocked by the expense of traveling into Oslo. Not sure how this can be addressed as the views from the site were fantastic and we enjoyed our hike along the shores of the fjord.

We very much enjoyed the mix and diversity of the sites on the tour.

As you know we visited the Viking village near Trelleborg (Foteviken museum) and recommend this as one of your attractions to visit. Interestingly last week when the BBC were covering the Swedish elections they did their interviews from within this museum.

Also congratulations on your new restaurant venue on the last night. The venue, service  and food where fantastic.

Thank you for making this such a memorable holiday for us. Your professionalism and approachability were second to none". 

Izzie, Berkshire

"I think you've got the formula just right"

"Yes it was an amazing tour for me. Thank you so much it was fabulous and the group was fab. I think you’ve got your formula just right. Much love Izzie from a very wet Sardinia now!!"

Garry & Shirley, Oxfordshire

"Would we book again? Yes, we already have".

"This was our second trip with Crossings Motorhome Tours and, our initial thoughts were, would it be as good as our first trip.

The Campsite at Dover, the night before, was excellent as it gave us the  opportunity to meet our fellow travellers- what a great bunch of people! There were no problems with boarding the ferry at Dover or our return crossing.

We travelled at a leisurely pace through France, visiting many fine Chateaux and experiencing some fantastic wines along the Loire Valley.

The highlight for us was our stop in Nantes. The campsite was just outside the city and the tram stop was almost outside the gates. We spent a good couple of hours looking at the  Mechanical Wooden Elephant - a sight not to be missed. There was plenty to do and see in the city and it was easy to get around. 

So, did this tour live up to our expectations ? You bet it did.
Would we book again? Yes, we already have.
Thanks, Bob and Wendy, for all your hard work .We can’t wait for the Croatia tour".

Heather & Charles, Aberdeenshire

"We just need to decide where to go next"!

"We are just back from the trip to the Loire Valley. Everyone and everything was brilliant. We scored with the weather! The sites were all excellent, even the city one at Nantes because it was so handy for transport with the trams right outside the gates.


The group were great and all gelled well. Lots of places to go and beautiful scenery and wine galore. Monet ‘s garden and Chambord and Chenonceau were highlights.


Bob and Wendy were very efficient and organised as usual and when I had a mishap they were with us and made the trauma of hospitals so much easier. We just need to decide where to go next!! Thanks again"!!

Babs & Dave, Norfolk

"We were made to feel very welcome".

"So pleased to have picked Crossings for our first organised holiday to the Loire Valley with our excellent tour guides Bob and Wendy. Receiving the pack six weeks beforehand, we found it to be extremely detailed and informative and it gave us a good starting point - from the maps and routes to itinerary suggestions and tips - for planning the trip.

Your kindness and help from first meeting in Folkestone with every member of our party was exemplary. Also, to Gary and Elena who were most helpful and a great asset. All the campsites were excellent choices with good facilities – especially so with the good transport links at the Nantes campsite which were right outside the site to make the most of our short stay here. Would have loved to have had another day here as there was so much to see.

The flexibility of touring during the day on our own we enjoyed, having now gained experience and confidence with driving and motorhome service areas/aires for parking we may be a bit more adventurous another time. 

Meeting up for the evening with everyone was just perfect and a great way to make new friends in a relaxed and fun way. Our impromptu get-togethers, meal and wine tasting gave everyone a chance to get to know each other. We were made to feel very welcome, with a smile and relaxed attitude, help and guidance if and when needed. We would definitely recommend this kind of holiday, especially to anyone a little apprehensive, like us, wanting to tour abroad for the first time".

Joyce & Raymond, Aberdeenshire

"Do I recommend it to anyone? YOU BET". 

"Last year we wanted to go to France for our first trip abroad in our motorhome . We were a bit apprehensive about going on our own and then we saw an advert for Crossings Motorhomes in a magazine. This turned a daunting prospect into a fantastic, fun filled adventure with Bob and Wendy Reeves at the helm. Every detail from the initial enquiry to the receiving of the pack to the final journey home was made easy by the thoughtful hard working double act.

So much so, we have just returned from our second trip with Crossings. Again in France, again a successful holiday, again with Bob and Wendy at the helm.

We have already booked for next year. What can I say? Great guys. Good laugh. Do I recommend it to anyone? YOU BET". 

Barry & Jackie, Hampshire

"Thanks for a great time".

"Just got back now - thanks for a great time...We thought the tour was very well organised; as for the group meal, we enjoyed it. It's a great idea; on flotillas there are several, but we have to pay for them ourselves...

We thought the campsite at Nantes was fine...and it was great for exploring what turned out to be a very interesting place".

Carol & Doug, Norfolk

"The trip was as I expected - fabulous in every way".

"I loved it, yes I loved it! This was our second trip to France with the amazing Crossings Tour. As soon as the 2018 brochure fell onto the mat the excitement started and steadily increased until the travel pack arrived with every single piece of information you would need for a trip abroad. Nothing was omitted and hints, tips, guides, maps, information and grid references were all there. So much thought must have gone into the planning by two very experienced, lovely, genuine people.

The trip was as I expected - fabulous in every way. Routes, campsites, site seeing, people and of course Bob and Wendy who were always there and always ready to step in and help. Nothing was too much trouble. 
Would I recommend them... you bet
Would I travel with them bet
Are they value for money.... you bet
You couldn’t wish for a happier holiday than with Crossings".

Karen & Jack, Shropshire via Wales!

"Enjoyed every minute".

"Fab 2 weeks in the Loire valley !! Trip well organised, lovely sights and wonderful wonderful chateaux xxxx enjoyed every minute , made some lovely new friends and met up with old ones too !’ Thank you Bob and Wendy Reeves you do a bloody amazing job xxxxx".

David & Ria, Staffordshire

"Had an amazing time with amazing people".

"Had an amazing time with amazing people".

Cheryl & Hugh, Dorset

"It has given us a lot of confidence".

"We really enjoyed the holiday in France, the sites, route and the itinerary were all excellent and we don't really have any suggestions to improve on this tour.


We would like to thank our Tour Leaders, Dave & Sue for making us welcome and the care and attention that they provided to us and everyone in the tour group. As we were new to motorhoming (6 weeks), it has given us a lot of confidence after travelling on a well organised trip.


We look forward to joining you again in 2019 for further forays to other countries to gain more experience".

David & Roma, Lincolnshrire

"Excellent value for money".

"First off thank you for organising a grand tour of the Loire Valley. For me its was the best trip yet and have no complaints. People need to look at these types of trip as giving an experience which they then could follow up themselves. We thought the meal at Brissac should be treated as very French and taken as that.


All the camp sites were very good including the one just outside Nantes with very easy access to the city centre. We would certainly stay there next time we wanted to go to that area. All in all an excellent trip giving a taster of all the good experiences to be had from visiting that part of France and we would recommend it to anyone as being excellent value for money. You may certainly quote us on that. We look forward to seeing you at the Norfolk Motorhome Show next month".

Glyn & Elizabeth, South Wales

"Dave and Sue were awesome".

"We both thoroughly enjoyed the trip and it was a good mix of people and all dogs were really welcomed.

Lovely places visited Honfleur, Concarnie, Fourgeres and Neufchâtel ... St Malo site was also nice but area not so dog friendly in terms of having to walk on a lot of roads.. Not much grassy areas... but that is a personal thought.


Got to say it ...Dave and Sue were awesome.  Both were very friendly, knowledgeable about the areas and travel.. and couldn’t be more helpful.... also always checked if anyone had any issues.


Travelling with a group created an air of confidence even though we all made our own ways to the venues and has reinforced in our minds how easy it is to travel abroad when you have confidence".

Anne & John, West Midlands

"Overall great holiday".

"Overall great holiday, met some lovely like minded motorhoming people and thought Dave and Sue got it just right - right amount of key info at the right times...We would not hesitate to recommend Crossings for anyone starting out on continental travel or for those who would appreciate the social side as we did".

Denise & Dave, Hampshire

"Would happily recommend Crossings."

"Excellent trip, our first, so it was so nice to have the backup of Dave and Sue and fellow travellers.


Would happily recommend Crossings for first time travellers".

Kay, Jonathan & Lulu

"Thanks for the excellent trip".

"We have had a lovely time and for us the 3 and 4 night stops were great allowing time to explore  but also time to chill. We do think that at the last site it would be better to stay 2 nights to allow time to rest as most of us have a long journey on our  return in England.  Dave and Sue once again provided all the back up and reassurance we expected from the tour.

Concarneau site was excellent with the town beach and coast path within walking distances and very good pool and restaurant . Thanks for an excellent trip". 

Dave & Trish, Staffordshire

"We thoroughly enjoyed the tour with Dave and Sue".

"We thoroughly enjoyed the tour with Dave and Sue (having been with them twice now, they're more like friends). Please pass on our thanks again to them".

Steve & Denise, Kent

"Our only complaint was that it was over too quickly".

"We would like to thank you both again for an amazing trip. Once again all your hard work, knowledge and dedication that you put into making our tour a wonderful experience. We feel that you have planned the perfect combination on these tours, allowing us the freedom to explore by ourselves but having the pleasure of the company of others with the same interest and making new friends along the way.


Again, our only complaint was that it was over too quickly. This being our 2nd tour with you, it's difficult to give a favourite, but we will always have very special memories of them both".

Gary & Debbie, Warwickshire

"Made loads of new friends and had a great time"

"Wendy and Bob, just want to say we have just returned from our first Crossing tour and it was great, made loads of new friends and had a great time, especially as this is our first major trip. Thanks". 

Andrea & Dennis, Wiltshire

"An inspired Baltic States Tour"

"Thank you Wendy and Bob for an inspired “Baltic States” tour. This was a special 70th birthday trip for Dennis and I, which was extremly enjoyable. We also learned so much about the three different countries visited and a lot of the history!

We particularly liked the informal and relaxed atmosphere of the tour, thanks again".

Anne & Andy, Lincolnshire

"Safe, organised and happy"

"We had a great time, it was a real adventure for us, and was a place we would never have gone to if we had not read about it on your tour schedule. We visited some beautiful cities and some relatively unknown places which we just stumbled across (usually after we had taken a wrong turning and ended up on a dirt track).

The organisation and planning of this tour in particular must have been a real headache of a  job and took a lot of doing, you both as tour leaders are amazing, you work so hard before, during and after each tour, and again you also keep everyone safe, organised and happy, Thank you for the all the help and friendship in the Baltics and for making this tour a very memorable and enjoyable one. 


We will be joining again again I am sure".

John & Maralyn, Brecon

"Relaxed and flexible itinerary"

"Many thanks for a most enjoyable and interesting holiday, we felt safely supported throughout. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the Baltic tour which was exactly "as it said on the tin"! The relaxed and flexible itinerary gave us opportunities to travel at our own speed and take in as much en route as we could cope with.

The size of the tour group was ideal, it enabled us to make friends and socialise with everyone".

Nicola & Ian, Northamptonshire

"We had a fabulous time".

"We had a fabulous time, it was a great way of introducing us to motorhoming abroad.


The holiday exceeded our expectations, we made many friends and everyone was quick to help each other out.  The tour leads, Dave and Sue were very helpful and made each move to another site organised and all went smoothly.  They were very approachable and naturally respected everyone’s space and pace.


It was great that it did not feel regimented, we did not feel rushed or pushed.


We were pleasantly surprised how well equipped all of the sites were and the cleanliness of the facilities was very good.


Whilst the Luxembourg site was lovely, it felt a little bit remote from restaurants and supermarkets in comparison to the other sites.


The joint meals were an excellent way of mixing with the group, the meal at Grimbergen was particularly good.


We are looking forward to the tour to the Alps with you next year".

Val & Luc, Surrey

"Well planned and structured"

"We very much enjoyed the R&A tour. We thought the tour was well planned and structured with a good variety of locations and the duration at each site was just right. Besides the two lovely Rhine locations the tour uncovered some really nice surprises in Brussels and particularly Luxembourg and Strasbourg.

In addition the weather was very co-operative and much better than we expected (and packed for). The group did gel by the end of the tour and Val in particular enjoyed being part of the (female) choir group that gave such a rousing performance to the (male) audience on the last night. Dave and Sue's help/guidance was appreciated". 

David & Ele, Cambridgeshire

"It was a pleasure to be with such a good group"

"We wanted to thank you for guiding us through the Baltic States. We found the whole trip very interesting and well planned and it was a great help having your knowledge to help us get the most out of our stay. It was a pleasure to be with such a good group".

Barbara & David, Lincolnshire

"We were so pleased with the organisation and content"

"We were so pleased with the organisation and content of our Baltic States tour, and with Bob and Wendy as individuals, that even before our tour was finished, we'd booked another one for later in the year and one for next year as well! Can we say more than that"?

Alison & Derek, County Durham

"A very enjoyable tour with Dave and Sue"

"Just recovered from our very enjoyable tour with Dave and Sue. Let us start by saying they are a credit to Crossings and we enjoyed their company very much. Looking forward to our trip with you both in September."

Noel & Kate, Hampshire

"Outstanding customer care and attention to details"

“Small group sizes meant that Bob & Wendy were able to offer a very personal service. An additional benefit was that we were quickly able to get to know our fellow tourers.


We felt that nothing was too much trouble for Bob & Wendy with their complementary strengths resulting in outstanding customer care and attention to detail".

John & Jen, Staffordshire

"It as as if we'd been friends for years"

"Very good tour. Everybody gelled so well it was as if we’d been friends for years. At first I thought Dave and Sue were fairly reserved as tour leaders but quickly realised that they could see and feel the comeradery within the group and allowed it to grow naturally taking a backward step whilst still being there and accessible when required".  

Derek & Jill, Wales

"Cracking Tour"

"It was a cracking tour, which we very much enjoyed".

Alan & Janet, Nottinghamshire

"Nothing was too much trouble"

"We thoroughly enjoyed our Rhine & Alsace Tour.  Dave and Sue were excellent tour guides.  Nothing was too much trouble.  Their care and attention was second to none".  

Graham & Jenny, Derbyshire

"Looking forward to our next trip with Crossings"

"This is just to say that we have had a wonderful tour with Dave & Sue. We wanted to say how much we appreciated their support and help. Looking forward to our next trip with Crossings". 

Michelle & Tim, Cheshire

"Already booked our 2019 tour with them"

"On our first ever European motorhome tour and thoroughly enjoying it! Wendy and Bob are very professional and helpful always at hand with information for the area and things to do! Already booked our 2019 tour with them to Italy! 

Thanks for everything and look forward to many more tours with them".

Karen & Gerald, Nottinghamshire

"We hope to do another tour with you again"

"Yes we did enjoy your tour and we learned a lot so we would do it again sometime You are both very calm people and do the job well,so hope to do another tour with you again".