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  • Why should I choose "Crossings"?"
    • We are the longest established dedicated escorted motorhome tour operator in the UK. • We pride ourselves in providing memorable tours with fantastic levels of customer service. We are very proud of our customer reviews with the majority of our guests taking the time to write detailed tour reviews and allowing them to be published on our website. • We developed the concept of the 'light touch' to escorted motorhome touring in 2013 giving customers more freedom than on many other escorted tours. • We offer transparent pricing with all tour prices quoted for your motorhome and two people. All tour prices include the cost of the Dover - Calais ferries. Many companies quote per person or do not include ferries in their quoted prices. • All of our tours start and end in the UK and are escorted throughout. Some companies (and the major clubs) offer tours with start and end points on the continent, meaning that you have the expense and hassle of organising the outward and return leg. • Why else should you choose Crossings? See what our customers think on the reviews page.
  • Who will our tour guides be?
    All of our tour leaders are experienced motorhomers who have previously been on a Crossings Tour. Click on the Tour Leaders page to find out more about us and our background and experience, or feel free to contact us for an informal chat.
  • I'm new to motorhoming on the Continent. Are your tours for me?
    Yes. Many of our customers are taking their motorhomes abroad for the first time. This is why all of our tours start and end in the UK. It is also why we keep the numbers low, so that we can provide everyone with the support they need. We find that the tours with fewer driving hours are particularly popular but we have also had many 'first-timers' on our longer tours too. We do find a great deal of comradery develops during the tours as motorhomers tend to be very helpful and supportive.
  • How is our money protected?
    All the money you pay to us is put directly into a Client Holding Account in accordance with the Package Travel Regulations. All monies paid to us by you is held in this account until the tour returns. This includes the deposit and final balance payment.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully to make sure you are happy with our cancellation terms, which are in line with industry standards. As with all tour companies, your deposit is non-refundable as we have to make payments to ferry companies and campsites as soon as you book on a tour. Holiday insurance is compulsory and you would need to claim on this if you have to cancel for any reason. We can provide a letter to your insurance company to assist with your claim in the event of you having to cancel.
  • What happens if Crossings cancels a tour?
    In any circumstance where we cancel the tour, including the Coronavirus, you are entitled to a full refund, which will be repaid within seven days.
  • How quickly do the tours fill up?
    We limit the number of spaces on each tour (typically 12 vans), so they generally get booked up very quickly. We usually announce the tour schedule in Spring the year before and most of our tours are full by Christmas. We know that all tour companies say this, but "please book early to avoid disappointment". Please subscribe to the newsletter to be kept up-to-date with the latest tour news.
  • How does the early bird discount work?
    We offer Early Bird Discounts of up to £100 on every tour. The discount applies to all tours booked before 31/12 for the following season. Please feel free to contact us prior to booking to see whether an early bird discount is available. Our Early Bird price in combination with our Loyalty Discount is always our lowest price. We never discount below this rate so please book early to secure the best price.
  • How does the loyalty discount work?
    If you have booked on at least one tour before you are entitled to £50 off every subsequent tour you book. This is in addition to the Early Bird Price. New customers who book two tours are entitled to the discount on the second tour. Our Early Bird price in combination with our Loyalty Discount is always our lowest price. We never discount below this rate so please book early to secure the best price.
  • Are the tours fully escorted?
    Yes, we travel with you throughout the tour. Some tour companies only provide you with a guided tour pack, which you then follow yourselves. Other companies give you a start point on the continent, which you have to make your own way to at your own expense. We provide a detailed pack and we are also with you throughout the trip starting and ending in the UK. Our price covers the full package.
  • Does the whole group stay together all the time?
    No. We have built lots of flexibility into our tours as we realise that not everyone will want to do the same thing all the time. Sometimes we do things as a whole group but it is more likely that you will be doing things in pairs, small groups or on your own - the choice is yours each day. The one fixed point is the campsite at the end of each day, where we will all meet up.
  • Is it like a rally?
    No. Rallies usually go to a fixed campsite and then stay there for a long period. Our tours move around more allowing you to see more of the countries and areas that you are visiting. Also, you do not have to be part of the group all the time. Many of our customers feed back to us that they really enjoy having independence and freedom on the tour, whilst being part of a group when they want to.
  • How many motorhomers will be in the group?
    Typically there are between ten and twelve vans on each tour. We guarantee that there will never be more than fifteen units plus your tour leaders.
  • What happens if there are not enough motorhomes to run the tour?
    We operate on small numbers, so we usually only need eight motorhomes for us to run the tour. If we do not meet the minimum number you will be offered a full refund or we can try to place you on another tour if you prefer. If we do have to cancel we will let you know as soon as possible and you will be refunded within seven days.
  • Can I bring my pets?
    With regret, from 2023 onwards we will no longer be accepting pets on our tours. Based on customer feedback we feel that we are not able to provide the same experience for customers travelling with dogs as we do for those travelling without them. This is due to the fact that dogs may not accepted at many places including tourist attractions, beaches, restaurants and cafes etc. They are also not guaranteed to be accepted on public transport or in taxis.
  • Is there a length or height limit?
    For most of our tours there is a length limit of 8 metres and a height limit of 3.2 metres. There is a bit of leeway on this depending on how comfortable and confident you feel. This is due to the nature of many continental campsites where access can be difficult for larger units. We can take larger units on some tours. Please check the tour itineraries or contact us for details. Supplements are payable on larger units. Please note that the length limit is for the total unit, therefore we cannot accommodate motorhomes that are towing trailers or cars.
  • Can I tow a vehicle or trailer?
    No. Sorry, but we cannot accommodate any form of towing on any of our tours. This is due to length restrictions on ferries and difficulty of access on some campsites.
  • What are the advantages of a guided tour?
    We have carried out extensive market research and the main reasons people choose a guided tour are: the social aspects of travelling with others; the reassurance of having tour guides on hand; the reduced time and hassle of only having to do one booking (leaving us to book all the individual components); tour guides give you an insight into the area you are visiting enabling you to see and do more. Some customers find it particularly beneficial going on a guided tour if they are new to motorhoming on the continent.
  • What kind of campsites can I expect?
    Campsites vary quite a lot depending on which country you are in. In general, mainland European sites tend to be a little bit more relaxed than those in the UK. In terms of quality we use 3, 4 and 5 star campsites. If you are familiar with the ASCI scheme, the sites we use are on a par with these. We do not use 'aires' on any of our tours. We do use some 'urban' city centre campsites, as they allow easy access by foot, bicycle or public transport.
  • What's included in the price?
    Please read each tour brochure to find out what is and is not included. Our prices are up to two people travelling in their own motorhome. All tours include as standard: return channel ferry crossings, campsite fees (including the night before the tour starts), meals and drink receptions as detailed in each itinerary; travel pack with itineraries, routes, locations and tourist information and the services of your tour guides throughout. All tours start and end in the UK and include a free night on a designated UK campsite on the night before travel.
  • What's not included in the price?
    The main expenses you need to allow for are fuel, meals, tolls and other personal expenditure. On our short tours the suggested routes will avoid toll roads where possible, although you may prefer to use them to reduce journey times. This would be at your own expense. On longer tours we do use some toll roads usually in France. In Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia you have to buy a 'vignette' (tax sticker) or toll box if you are over 3.5t. We will advise on the costs of these. On our Sweden tour you do have to pay for the Oresund Bridge, Great Belt Bridge and adjoining toll roads, which costs approximately £110 each way for motorhomes over 6 metres. On our Italian tours, you need to pay for the Mont Blanc Tunnel, which is about £50. There are options for buying a tag for the bridges or using ferries, which can work out cheaper. We can advise on this before you book.
  • Can I join the tour late or leave early?
    All of our tours start and end in the UK and they are all carefully planned circular routes that take in the major attractions in the countries and areas they visit. Consequently, we like our customers to stay with us for the duration. Sometimes customers leave the tour a day early as they are extending their stay so do not want to travel back to Calais. Where this is the case, there is no reduction in the package price. If you miss an organised meal, then no alternative will be offered.
  • What type of ferry tickets do you use?
    We use flexi tickets on the Dover-Calais or Dover-Dunkirk route as standard. These have a scheduled date and time for both legs of the trip, but you are allowed make changes without incurring any administrative fees subject to availability. You may however have to pay for any difference in fares if your change involves a more expensive ticket.
  • Can I make my own arrangements for crossing the Channel?
    You can do this, but please note that the price you pay if for a package tour and it is not possible to 'unbundle' the price of the ferry. Even if you are making your own arrangements for the ferry you will still find our package price to be very competitive.
  • When will I get my travel pack?
    We send the tour pack out in two sections. Section One contains all of the general information you need about touring on the continent, including details on what you need to stay safe and legal in each country you will be travelling to. This will be supplied as a PDF shortly after you book your tour. Section Two of the pack will be a 'day book' that contains the campsites details, GPS coordinates, directions and tourist information for each day of the tour. This will be sent to you as a printed pack 7 to 10 days before the tour departs.
  • Can I do a late booking?
    The last date for booking a tour is eight weeks prior to departure at which point we can finalise our bookings with the ferry companies and campsites. On occasions it may be possible to join a tour late if there has been a cancellation. Please contact us if you would like to make a late booking. Please note that we never offer any last minute deals. Our best price is available by booking early to take advantage of our Early Bird price.
  • What if a tour is full?
    When we reach our maximum number on a particular tour, we can no longer take bookings on that tour. However, please contact us as it may be possible to join the tour in the event of a late cancellation. Alternatively, we would love to hear from you to see if you would like to take the tour next year. We do operate a reserve list for the current year and a priority list for the tours next year.
  • Do I need any special equipment for driving on the continent?
    Yes. The rules vary slightly from country to country and we do provide full details in the travel pack for your chosen tour. Most countries require as standard: GB stickers, warning triangle, high-vis jackets and headlamp deflectors.
  • I'm having problems viewing the site in my iPad/iPhone
    We are aware of a couple of issues with older iPads and iPhones where the website is not displaying properly. Sorry to be technical, but apparently it is to do with the versions of your browser and operating system. Please make use you are using the latest version of Chrome or Safari and that you are using iOS version 12 or above. If that meant nothing to you, please ask a young person! Alternatively please contact us.
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