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David &amp; Roma, Lincolnshrire

"First off thank you for organising a grand tour of the Loire Valley. For me its was the best trip yet and have no complaints. People need to look at these types of trip as giving an experience which they then could follow up themselves. We thought the meal at Brissac should be treated as very French and taken as that.


All the camp sites were very good including the one just outside Nantes with very easy access to the city centre. We would certainly stay there next time we wanted to go to that area. All in all an excellent trip giving a taster of all the good experiences to be had from visiting that part of France and we would recommend it to anyone as being excellent value for money. You may certainly quote us on that. We look forward to seeing you at the Norfolk Motorhome Show next month".

David &amp; Roma, Lincolnshrire


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