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Garry &amp; Shirley, Oxfordshire

"This was our second trip with Crossings Motorhome Tours and, our initial thoughts were, would it be as good as our first trip.

The Campsite at Dover, the night before, was excellent as it gave us the  opportunity to meet our fellow travellers- what a great bunch of people! There were no problems with boarding the ferry at Dover or our return crossing.

We travelled at a leisurely pace through France, visiting many fine Chateaux and experiencing some fantastic wines along the Loire Valley.

The highlight for us was our stop in Nantes. The campsite was just outside the city and the tram stop was almost outside the gates. We spent a good couple of hours looking at the  Mechanical Wooden Elephant - a sight not to be missed. There was plenty to do and see in the city and it was easy to get around. 

So, did this tour live up to our expectations ? You bet it did.
Would we book again? Yes, we already have.
Thanks, Bob and Wendy, for all your hard work .We can’t wait for the Croatia tour".

Garry &amp; Shirley, Oxfordshire


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