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Janet, Surrey

Throughout the trip the leaders (and the group) were so so supportive and congratulatory when I successfully accomplished a journey. It made a big difference to my confidence. I can't thank them enough for debunking my terror,  and opening up a whole new world of travel after so many years.


Colin and Sue quietly made sure I knew where and how to travel. Having them a phone call away was invaluable to my feeling safe no matter what. I learned such a lot from them.

Any improvements to the tour itinerary that I would have suggested have  already been incorporated into the 2020 trip. Well done!

To anyone else who is sure they can't drive in Europe and is too terrified to try......if I can do it then anyone can. If anyone is anxious about being a solo traveller, don't let that stop you. All you need is a best mate (a European sat nav!) and Crossings leaders to guide you through.

Thanks Crossings for opening up my travel....I shall be back!

Janet, Surrey


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