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Martin & Ann, West Yorkshire

From our perspective there were many positives and no real drawbacks that were within your control.


We liked the mix of site locations, and that non transit sites enabled you to have a full day the day after arrival at the local town/attraction. This is how we tour so suited us well.


As far as the sites themselves were concerned, we found them well chosen and well located. The site at Potsdam, despite the acorns and sand, was a great way to kick the real holiday off. 


The fact we had a mix of towns and then coast worked well, because after a time the towns seem to blur into one and it was a nice change to be somewhere different.

So overall, the site choice and locations were well judged, to have only one place we weren’t really keen on (mielno) out of a months tour is amazing.


We very much enjoyed the relaxed pace/non enforced “you will enjoy yourself” elements, much more relaxing than the more regimented tours we have done in the past. 


We also found the mix and type of people on the tour really good. We aren’t “party people” and have on other tours and rallies...very refreshing to have a non-booze centred approach to enjoyment.


It is hard to come up with anything we would be critical of that is within your power to improve. 


Overall, we had a fabulous time, and would not hesitate to recommend Crossings tours to anyone.

Martin & Ann, West Yorkshire


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