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Paul, Jenny &amp; Craig, Essex

"Although we have been touring in our motorhome(s) for a number of years now, we had not ventured into Europe and we were keen to do so.  However, driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, through multiple countries with a large vehicle seemed a bit daunting – especially if you listen to the horror stories about driving on the continent with the over-zealous police and highwayman hiding behind every corner!  We wanted reassurance that support would be available if we needed it and that we could travel as part of a group.  And so we opted for the Crossings tour desperately hoping this would be successful and that we would be inspired to travel further afield in the future.


The support offered by you, both leading up to and during the tour, was marvellous. We didn’t appreciate how helpful the travel folder was going to be until we started using it!  Lots of really helpful stuff that helped with the pre-planning and enroute navigation/touring.  As good as this guide was, our tour leads Dave and Sue supported us brilliantly. What a great job they did of briefing everyone about the next day’s journey, routes to take, places to visit and top tips about the camp sites. No question was too silly (and they must have heard a few) and they were always at hand to offer advice…without forcing it on you! 


The tour to and from Lake Garda was excellent and allowed us to take in the sites in each country we travelled though.  Our 2-day stop near Mont Blanc ticked all the boxes – excellent site, beautiful scenery and the opportunity to take-in the local attractions. The journey through Italy to Lake Garda was ‘interesting’ thanks to the driving skills of our Italian friends around Milan, but the journey was worth it. The 5-night stop at Lake Garda was the perfect place to relax and visit (using our bikes) the outlying villages/towns. We also travelled by train to Venice and had our fill of pizza in the local restaurants.


We were looking forward to our visit to Austria and Germany and we were not disappointed thanks to the incredible scenery.  Such a shame we had so little time in each country but we had to remind ourselves that this was an Italian Lakes tour and not Bavarian! Still, we managed to visit Seefeld in Austria and Dachau and Triberg in the Black Forest – all incredible places in their own way"!

Paul, Jenny &amp; Craig, Essex


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