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Rachael &amp; Bob, Bedfordshire

Poland – so much to see, so much variety.  Cities, National Parks, Countryside or Beaches, easily accessible from the campsites by public transport, cycling or walking during the tour.  When you arrive home and look through all the photos you’ve taken, you fully appreciate how brilliant and wonderfully organised the Poland Tour is. 


Warsaw and Krakow are possibly the best known cities, but you also stay in smaller towns and, though each tends to have a ‘market square’ with cafes/bars, they all have their own individual character - invariably a church tower or castle for you to climb up for a fantastic view of your surroundings.  Eventually you reach Gdansk and the Baltic Sea coast, a walk on the sand and a paddle in the Baltic Sea – lovely, though chilly.

There are lots of places to visit, either en route or from the campsites, and a little research before you travel, (including Bob and Wendy’s suggestions in the itinerary) could add an individual touch to your holiday.

Thank you Bob and Wendy and all our fellow travellers, it was fabulous.

Rachael &amp; Bob, Bedfordshire


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