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Anne &amp; Andy, Lincolnshire

Anne &amp; Andy, Lincolnshire

&quot;Safe, organised and happy&quot;

"We had a great time, it was a real adventure for us, and was a place we would never have gone to if we had not read about it on your tour schedule. We visited some beautiful cities and some relatively unknown places which we just stumbled across (usually after we had taken a wrong turning and ended up on a dirt track).

The organisation and planning of this tour in particular must have been a real headache of a  job and took a lot of doing, you both as tour leaders are amazing, you work so hard before, during and after each tour, and again you also keep everyone safe, organised and happy, Thank you for the all the help and friendship in the Baltics and for making this tour a very memorable and enjoyable one. 


We will be joining again again I am sure".