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Derek &amp; Suzanne, North Yorkshire

Derek &amp; Suzanne, North Yorkshire

&quot;We have gone from nervous novices to experienced explorers (almost!)&quot;.

Crossings must be doing something right as this was our fourth adventure.   We’ve said this before but stopping for a chat with Bob and Wendy at the NEC in 2014 changed our motor homing lives and gave us a taste for tours across the Channel.  We have gone from nervous novices to experienced explorers (almost!).   A city tour would not be our first choice for a holiday but the Budapest, Prague and Vienna trip turned out to be so much more than that.  We certainly saw some stunning sights. 


Bob & Wendy and their team have all aspects covered: booking ferries and sites; suggesting routes and places to visit; and providing friendly support and advice for the novice and for the more experienced motor homer.  You can join in or you can do your own thing: it’s up to you.  You will be guaranteed to make new friends and wonderful memories.  We’ve already booked our place on one of next year’s tours!

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