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Joy &amp; Dennis, Dorset

Joy &amp; Dennis, Dorset

&quot;Wonderful month-long tour of Sweden&quot;

The following letter appeared in Practical Motorhome Magazine and Motorhome Monthly Magazine:


"If you are considering joining an escorted motorhome holiday, we can unreservedly commend to you the services of Crossings Motorhome Tours. We've just returned from a wonderful month-long tour of Sweden with the young company run by Bob and Wendy Reeves.


They are very experienced motorcaravanners who have fairly recently spent three years travelling 30,000 miles through 30 countries in Continental Europe. Bob and Wendy travel with each group, which is intentionally kept small (only eight to 10 motorhomes).


They are friendly and professional and they provide their service with efficiency, reassurance, fun and good humour. With this, they still give you the flexibility and freedom to 'do your own thing'. The only thing they can't organise for you is the weather! This is our 12th escorted motorhome tour in the past nine years. They have all been very enjoyable but Wendy and Bob's caring leadership is second to none".

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