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Joyce &amp; Raymond, Aberdeenshire

Joyce &amp; Raymond, Aberdeenshire

&quot;Colin and Sue were very thoughtful and thoroughly knowledgeable&quot;.

Our third trip with Crossingsmotorhomes tours was eagerly anticipated as usual. 

If you have been with Crossings before it always exciting to receive the Tour Pack. Firstly, you look and see who is going to be touring with you as you might know someone from a previous tour. Then you look to see where exactly you are going and for how long. Then you decide if you are going to any of the suggested places en route from one campsite to the next. 

The recce done by the tour leaders is invaluable to the group and makes all the difference to the trip. Colin and Sue were very thoughtful and thoroughly knowledgeable about every place that we went to and it was a pleasure to be in their company. 

Thank you again for a wonderful holiday. 

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