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Paul &amp; Susan, Cornwall

Paul &amp; Susan, Cornwall

&quot;The emphasis is on it being your holiday to enjoy in your style&quot;

"If you want a relaxing tour with a motorhome then Crossings Tour of Sweden fits the bill. After a couple of driving days to get you there the pace of life changes dramatically. I applaud the polite and speed conscious Swedish drivers.


Sweden certainly has lots of trees but the coastline and lakes provide a wonderful backdrop for campsites with clean beaches.


There was lots to see and do on the trip if you so desired or just enjoy the ice cream. The best parts are the planning done by the tour directors, Bob & Wendy themselves with daily updates and local information, plus the wonderful group of people on this trip.


The only stress is on transit days working out which currency to use, or just give in and put it on the credit card. You are free to participate as much as you wish or just sit quietly and read a book. The emphasis is on it being your holiday to enjoy in your style. Many thanks to Crossings and the other tour guests who made this a great holiday". 

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